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common darwin jvm

The core set of date, time, duration, and interval types, supporting the ISO calendar system.


Name Summary
io.islandtime Date-time primitives and core concepts, including classes such as Date, Time, Instant, and ZonedDateTime.
io.islandtime.base (Experimental) Framework-level interfaces, allowing aspects of date, time, and duration to be abstracted.
io.islandtime.calendar Platform-independent calendar properties.
io.islandtime.clock The default clock implementation, providing access to the current system time at up to nanosecond precision when available.
io.islandtime.darwin Various extensions specific to the Apple platform.
io.islandtime.format Formatting of dates, times, durations, and intervals into textual representations.
io.islandtime.jvm Various extensions specific to the Java platform.
io.islandtime.locale Platform-independent locale.
io.islandtime.measures Classes related to the measurement of time, including Duration, Period, and more specific units, such as Hours or Years.
io.islandtime.parser Parsing of dates, times, durations, and intervals from textual representations.
io.islandtime.ranges Date ranges, time intervals, and the ability to iterate over them and perform various operations. Provides time zone database access.