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Island Time

Island Time is a Kotlin Multiplatform library for working with dates and times. Heavily inspired by the java.time library, Island Time provides a powerful API that works across platforms while taking full advantage of the features offered by the Kotlin language.


  • A full set of date-time primitives such as Date, Time, DateTime, Instant, and ZonedDateTime
  • Time zone database support
  • Date ranges and time intervals, integrating with Kotlin ranges and progressions
  • Read and write strings in ISO formats
  • DSL-based definition of custom parsers
  • Access localized text for names of months, days of the week, time zones, etc.
  • Convenience operators like, dateTime.startOfWeek, or date.week(WeekSettings.systemDefault())
  • Convert to and from platform-specific date-time types
  • Works on JVM, Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS

Notable Limitations

  • No custom format strings (must write platform-specific code to do this)
  • No support for JavaScript or non-Apple native platforms
  • Only supports the ISO calendar system